Feather Note Music is a mobile recording studio that travels to Native American Reservations in United States.  

We believe that listening and feeling heard are the two acts necessary to curb the suicide rates of any community.  Feather Note will listen.  

Mission: Give every opportunity to Native youth to learn and experience music in a professional and educational environment  Work with Native community and art colleges to include music and music business programs so that these youth have a place to gain education in music that is currently not available.

Being a member of the Lower Sioux Indian Community from Minnesota, I have experienced a growing national epidemic of youth suicides within reservations around the country. In the last decade, suicide among Native Americans has increased 65.2%.  America's Native American Reservations are plagued with youth suicides far exceeding the percentage of other youth in the country. I believe, this high percentage is due to the lack of opportunity to be creative, and to express themselves, in a place that is for the most part shut off from the rest of the world.  I think music can be an amazing therapy.  It can be an outlet for feelings, and help to give life purpose.  I want the youth to have a creative outlet and let them know they have a voice and can be heard!  They are important and their life matters.